How to become one of us


Are you dedicated, professional and confident? Think you're on point? Want to prove it?


Simple.Clear.Pictures. All we need is 3 photos of you. Take the photos in j-peg format with little / no make up on, showing your face clearly. Have the pics, measurements (age, height, chest/bust & waist size) with your contact details sent to and we'll take it from there!


Face close-up


Take a picture of your face including the shoulders. Please have the picture taken in colour with no edited effects. Take a picture with and without a smile.


Face side-on


Take another picture, this time with your head facing to either side. As with the head-on pic, take the picture in colour and with no edited effects.


Full length or 3/4body


Take either a 3/4 or full body picture with your body in frame. Avoid wearing large or baggy clothes, we need to see the shape of your body. Remember to stand up straight!


Click HERE to send.

Height requirements: Girls 1.70m and taller, Guys 1.78m and taller.

Please note: If you haven't heard word back from your model submission in 1 week, consider your application unsuccessful.

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